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Catalan Cuisine ‘Europe’s Last Great Culinary Secret’ – Colman Andrews

For anyone wishing to know more about Catalan cuisine or wanting to take a crash course in preparation for a trip to Catalonia, Colman Andrew’s book is indispensable. Part recipe book it also charts some of the history of Catalan food and cookery as well as entertaining and informative anecdotal stories from the author’s own years spent in this region. It is very readable and has accompanied me to the beach or pool side sunlounger on several occasions.

Catalan Cuisine by Colman Andrews

I have so far produced two recipes from the book, the first  ‘Chick peas with garlic mouselline’ a mixture of chick peas, bacon, ham, onions and tomatoes topped with a garlic alioli which puffs up under the grill to finish the dish and was rich but delicious. The second was the ‘Catalan Beef Stew’, which with it’s small amount of cinnamon and dark chocolate was ideal for a pre-Christmas dinner and interestingly went very well with yorkshire pudding, a true fusion experience! My guests thought it was particularly delicious, were scrambling to scrape the pan and have talked about it on more than one occasion since.

Catalan Cuisine by Colman Andrews

It also contains guidance on ingredients and lists all dish names in Catalan and English which has been invaluable for navigating some menus here.


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