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Can Paixano

I’ve had a visitor in town this week and we’ve spent a lot of time filling our bellies with food and many, many drinks around the city. One of the highlights has been a couple of visits to Can Paixano, which is rapidly becoming a firm favourite of mine to have a drink and a quick meat fix.

Can Paixano Barcelona

Tucked down a side street on the edge of Barceloneta, this long, narrow, seatless bar is a must visit for anyone wanting a cheap, great sandwich and a glass (or bottle) of cava. Vegetarians beware, with the exception of a cheese sandwich this is not the place for you, this is embutidos in bread… and don’t be tempted just by the cava as you can’t drink without eating something with your first drink. You may also be put off by the various animal cuts hanging up around the bar.

Can Paixano Barcelona

This is no fine dining establishment; greasy sandwiches of salty morcilla, chorizo, or sobrasada sausages, amongst others, are served in paper which is promptly discarded on the floor of the bar.

Can Paixano Barcelona

But noone seems to care, I’ve been at various times of the day and it’s always a squeeze and the atmosphere more than makes up for having your toes trodden on.

Can Paixano Barcelona

And if your sandwich or mixed plate of embutidos has left you wanting more then head to the back of the bar where you’ll find a small shop ready to sell you a further hit or conservas (canned shellfish) to take home.

Finally, after all the fun and with a smile on your face, your wallet will also leave hardly any lighter than when you arrived, two sandwiches and a glass of cava to accompany each will set you back just €5.

Can Paixano, Reina Cristina 7, Barceloneta, No smoking


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