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‘Lactium’ – Cheese and tranquility in Vic

In  desperate need of a bit of quiet time and with the lure of a celebration of cheese, I took myself off to Vic for the afternoon last Sunday to check out the ‘Lactium’ cheese fair being held there.  The fair was a showcase and opportunity to taste a wide variety of artesan cheese from producers from around Catalonia.

Lactium cheese festival in Vic

Despite the ominous black clouds looming overhead the rain held off so I was able to enjoy a stroll up and down the vast array of stalls sampling cube after cube of predominantly sheep and goat’s milk cheeses, as well as creamy cheesecakes and delicious yogurts.

Cheese producer's stall at Lactium Cheese Festival in Vic

Cheese producer's stall at Lactium Cheese Festival in Vic

Cheese stall at Lactium cheese fair in Vic

The selection was vast and there were far too many producers to list and name here, however all seemed to produce cheeses of outstanding quality, many had won prizes at this and previous events and a huge number were creating products with unpasturised milk. It was also interesting to see equipment that has been used in traditional cheese making in the past.

Traditional cheese making equipment at Lactium cheese fair in Vic

Having not quite had my fill of cheese I then took the opportunity to sample a taster plate and a glass of wine from the Pla de Bages region that was being offered in the tasting tent.

Tasting tent at Lactium cheese fair in Vic

Seven pieces of cheese, including a delicious soft cheese accompanied by fruit, membrillo, a slice of walnut and sultana bread and the most delicious, fresh almonds and hazlenuts I have ever tasted, with a powerful peppery glass of red alongside. For 5 euros this was the best and cheapest lunch I have had in a long time.

Tasting plate at Lactium cheese fair in Vic

By this time I realised that there’s probably only so much cheese a girl can eat in one day but not wanting to go home empty handed I had to make the incredibly difficult decision of what to choose. In the end I choose the El Cuirol, a strong, tangy, lemony goat’s cheese, slightly tinged with blue on the crust, produced by Formatges Cuirol in La Nou in the moutainous region of Bergueda.

El Cuirol cheese at Lactium cheese fair in Vic

After the cheese bonanza I took a stroll around Vic itself, the surrounding area of pine forests and crags made for a beautiful journey on the train approaching the town. Vic itself has a compact historical centre of narrow and on Sunday deserted cobbled streets and roman remains which were perfect for the Sunday peace I was craving. I particularly loved the enormous, arch bordered square,  roman bridge and temple.

Streets of Vic

Streets of Vic

Roman bridge in Vic

Roman bridge

Roman temple in Vic

Roman temple

‘Lactium’ cheese festival, Vic. Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May.


2 comments on “‘Lactium’ – Cheese and tranquility in Vic

  1. Vera
    May 6, 2010

    Darling! I love your post on cheese tasting. My mouth is watering. We definitely have to find a place here in Barcelona to sit down a have a proper cheese board and glass of wine!

  2. butterytoast
    May 7, 2010

    Thanks Vera! And yes, a lunch of cheese plate is a perfect idea. I also have a list of other food fairs in and around Catalonia over the next few months, going to try and hit some more of them. I’ll let you know when I’m going if you fancy coming along.

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