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Cooking – The Kitchen Company

Another slight let down this week (although not quite as miserable as the Ikea cooking department I passed through yesterday) was 20 minutes spent in ‘Cooking – The Kitchen Company’, an anticipated cook’s pleasure palace just off Passeig de Gracia.

I’d seen an advert for this store recently, after perusing their website I was eager to check it out and was expecting floor to ceiling utensils, cookware, books to pore over and an imaginary, mental, unaffordable shopping list to be created in my head for the new flat I am aquiring in two weeks time.

Unfortunately for me, but luckily for my pocket, the shopping list never got off the ground. Well, maybe for the Magimix or Kitchen Aid but these desires are ever present and they were stocked in the store along with other undoubtably high quality items such as knives from companies including ‘Zwilling”and ‘Wüsthof’ as well as wonderful pans and ceramics from suppliers such as ‘Staub’.  The problem was that ‘Cooking – the Kitchen Company’ just doesn’t sell enough of these kinds of goods and seems to concentrate on kitsch, novelty items such as the ‘Revol’ porcelain ramikin modelled to have the appearance of a crushed disposable plastic cup ( incidently one of which featured on the fish course of Tim Bilton in this week’s Great British Menu). These items have a place in a cookery store, but for me they should be in addition to the high quality staples needed in any kitchen, not tipping the balance over to the side of a novelty kitchen shop. Where was the wide selection of books I was expecting? Where was the choice of kitchen basics?

Sadly I left feeling rather disappointed, I’d given myself a good hour to spend enjoying their wares before meeting a friend but left after the aforementioned 20 minutes feeling rather uninspired. However, the store has an island kitchen at the back of the store and it appears they hold demonstrations and other events, having signed up for their newsletter I will try and attend one of these at some point and will hopefully find some inspiration there instead.

Cooking – The Kitchen Company, C/Provenza 249


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