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La Cuina del Món

When it’s Saturday evening, you’ve been out all day, your a bit penniless and need feeding…..actually that last bit’s a lie, I didn’t exactly need feeding, not after a picnic, ice cream, horchata and a few afternoon beers, but nevertheless….what more could you ask for than a food tasting fair to be right on your doorstep?

Barcelona city council’s budget for free or very low cost arts and cultural activities continues to astound me, despite not having a clue what the budget is, never a week goes by without something going on for the citizens of this currently very balmy city.

‘La Cuina del Món’ was a project started in 2003 to show the culinary diversity of the Poble Sec barrio, an area of Barcelona which has seen a huge rise in immigration in the last decade. This project, which brings local people together to teach them how to cook, along with others I have read about, seems to be aimed at encouraging the local residents to get to know or at least appreciate the cultural differences of their neighbours. The 17 dishes presented at this event were prepared by 30 students from 22 different countries and the dishes originated in 15 of those countries, those being: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Japan, India, The Phillipines, Morroco, Ethiopia, Senegal, Moldova, Ukraine, Catalonia, Domincan Republic, Cuba and Guatemala.

C/Blai world food event

Carrer Blai

C/ Blai was turned into an outdoor restaurant for the evening of Friday and Saturday with tables along the pedestrain thoroughfare and stalls where you could purchase the 2€ taster plates .

C/Blai world food event

A handy booklet in Catalan with information about the individual countries and recipes for the dishes was given with the purchase of tickets for the plates.

I made space for 3 plates following the afternoon’s eating session and chose the ‘Ropa vieja con chicharritas‘ from Cuba, which was shredded  beef cooked with peppers, garlic, chilli, tomato, olive oil and other ingredients I’m still not familiar with in Catalan and served with fried green banana chips, these being the ‘chicharritas‘. Along with this I had the Sengalese ‘Thiebou Diene, sardines cooked with assorted vegetables and rice, and finally ‘Casquinha de Peixes’ from Brazil, hake and mussels cooked with lemon juice, coriander, fennel seeds, tomatoes, onion and olive oil and this dish I particularly liked.

'Thiebou Diene', 'Ropa Vieja con chicharritas' and 'Moro de Guandules con coco' chosen by my friend

However, I do not want to critique the food here, this is not professional cooking and catering for an event like this is always difficult. What I want to celebrate is this event getting neighbours and others from the city out, sharing flavours and enjoying the warm evening air together.

For anyone interested in being involved in ths project you can contact for more details plus additional and better photos of the event.

La Cuina del Món, C/Blai (between Roser and Margarit), Friday 9th and Saturday 10th July


2 comments on “La Cuina del Món

  1. Vera
    July 13, 2010

    Always fish, eh?

  2. butterytoast
    July 13, 2010

    But I really like fish!

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