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La Crêperie bretonne in beautiful Girona

One of things I love about Barcelona is it’s close proximity and well connected and cheap trains to so many other beautiful towns, countryside and coastline. As I, like many other Barcelonins, have holidays at the moment I’ve been taking advantage of the free time I have and checking out some of these places.

Earlier this week myself and two friends made the hour and a half journey up to Girona. Once again just the train journey alone did not disappoint as we passed through rugged hills with distant mountains, pine forests and rich, green landscape. I could honestly just make a day of taking the train around Catalonia and gazing out of the window.

The main pull to Girona is it’s small, historic town about 10 minutes walk from the railway station.

On the way we dropped one friend at the cinema museum whilst we carried on across the Onyar river, where we admired the delightful painted residences, to explore the narrow streets, Jewish quarter and the city’s very own ‘great wall’.

Onyar River in Girona

The wall, a partial remainder of the city’s fortifications, encompasses half of the historic town and gave us outstanding views of the city, it’s outlying suburbs and the foothills of the Pyrenees in the distance.


We followed the walls for a while, descending from them to enjoy the shaded, park like areas and climbing again until we reached the impressive St Mary’s Cathedral.

Girona's restored city wall

Girona's restored city wall

St Mary's Cathedral Girona

St Mary's Cathedral

The city gave us a feeling that we were more in the southern regions of France than in Spain (and indeed many would argue that we are not in Spain either), it’s winding streets and shops reminiscent of the times I’ve passed through  Montélimar and Perpignan.

It was perhaps apt then that with weary feet, parched throats and hungry bellies that we had lunch at the delightful La Crêperie bretonne (well, I know Brittany is almost 1000 miles away but you get the French connection).

La Creperie bretonne Girona

This is probably the most charming cafe I have ever eaten in and despite being a chain, there are also branches in Colliure, Figueres, Valenica, Vigo and luckily for me Barcelona. I was reliable informed by my companion that this Girona cafe is very different from the Barcelona outlet.

The preparation area inside a vintage blue bus draws your attention immediately as you walk in

Vintage bus preparation area at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

and the cafe then leads you through a treasure trove of last century’s French advertising boards, vintage tables and chairs, yet another bus (this time the bathroom) and many other delightful objects and nik-naks.

Signage at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

Tables at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

Bar at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

Being lunchtime there was a ‘menu’ option (savoury galette, sweet crêpe and drink for 9.50€), our cinema buff friend had joined us again and as there were three galettes of the day to choose from we plumped for one of each.

Whilst we waited for our order our friend regaled us with details, pictures and videos of his morning at the cinema museum, clearly excited by the number of exhibits of pre-cinema contraptions and moving picture machines and the interactiveness of the displays, he eager to ditch us once again and see the remainder once he’d refueled.

The thin, folded, buckwheat galettes, one of ham, emmental and egg ‘La Complête’,

La Complête galette at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

La Complête

the second with fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, shallots and a bechamel style sauce ‘La Savoyarde’

La Savoyarde galette at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

La Savoyarde

and lastly with spinach, raisins, walnuts and goats cheese ‘La Vegetarienne’, were delicious and deceptively filling.

La Vegetarienne galette at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

La Vegetarienne

Luckily we still had space for the sweet crêpes for dessert, this time we were less willing to share and closely guarded the one we had individually ordered, mine with Nutella, my friend’s with chocolate and film guy chose a super-sweet ‘dulce de leche’ type caramel.

Sweet caramel crepe at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

Sweet, sweet caramel

Nutella crepe at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

An envelope of Nutella

Chocolate crepe at La Creperie bretonne in Girona

Oh, so chocolatey

We did eventually sacrifice a small corner each so we could sample each others, but they weren’t handed over without a fight.

This really was a lovely place to have lunch. We also saw very generous, mouthwatering looking salads being served and there is a busy terrace outside, although I feel you would definitely miss some of the cafe’s charm being outdoors if this was your first visit.

Satisified and happy, but slightly slower than the morning we headed back out into the afternoon sunshine and finished out respective stroll and muesum visit.

La Crêperie bretonne, Cort Reial 14, Girona – No smoking


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