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Ain’t no party like a crayfish party…

….and nothing like the British weather to try and scupper the party plans. But undeterred, we donned our jackets, erected the gazebo and vowed not to be beaten by the chilly, August mancunian rain.

Laiden with goodies prepared from the Moro cookbook and a crayfish party pack courtesy of Ikea this was the second time in a long weekend that a friend had rescued us from chip shop party recovery food and brought something infinitely more fun and tasty.

Crayfish Party Manchester

Manchester weather, do your worst.

An authentic crayfish party should indeed include crayfish and no doubt there are an abundance in the nearby Bridgewater canal, but on this occasion this shindig was of a middle eastern flavour, a few thousand miles from the crayfish party‘s native Sweden. Traditionally celebrated at the end of August to celebrate the brief crayfish season, parties are held outdoors with crayfish garlands around the table, paper hats and bibs for each guest and crayfish songs are sung, all of which were suitably provided in Ikea’s party pack. No doubt our jackets, blankets on knees and huddling near the BBQ are also not unheard of at a Swedish party.

Moro food cooking on barbeque at crayfish party Manchester

Eagerly anticipating the Moro magic

As we tucked into our fattoush, tabouleh, lebanese chicken, lamb patties and an array of amazing salads, washed down with Pimms, ‘La Ritournelle’ wine and quality beers from Carrington’s various friends intermittently arrived to join us. On each arrival they were regaled with a song from the crayfish songbook whilst they were adorned with a bib and hat, which provide us with much hilarity even on the fourth or fifth time of singing.

Crayfish party song book

Crayfish party songs

I’ll leave you with our favourite and most amusing song of the evening, sung to the tune of Leo Sayer’s ‘When I need you’….whatever did the neighbours think?

When I need beer

When I need beer,

I just close my eyes and I think beer,

And all that I want is to drink beer,

Keeping me warm night and day.

When I have beer,

I reach out my hand and I grab beer,

I never knew there was so much beer,

Only an armlength away.

Miles and miles of empty bottle behind me,

Lots and lots of bottles waiting ahead,

And you know I will be drinking beer forever,

It’s cold out, but hold out and do like I do (repeat first verse).


One comment on “Ain’t no party like a crayfish party…

  1. Vera
    September 10, 2010

    Wild song darling, wild song!

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