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The morning after the night before

Barcelona has woken up this morning to a huge resaca, a pounding, throbbing hangover after yesterday’s general strike.

For me, with the exception of beating drums on the pedestrianised street in front of my flat at 8am to rally people to strike, the day was exceptionally peaceful. The usually morning cacophany of shutters being raised, cafe tables and chairs been put out, the ‘ding ding’ of the butane gas canister sellers doing their rounds, scooters revving their engines as people shoot off to work and general street chatter were absent. Like a long, extended, Sunday morning it pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the day, although some local, independent grocery stores and internet/call shops did start to open as the day progressed.

I took advantage of the day off work to wander round Montjuic park with two newish Barcelona arrivals so I can’t claim to have witnessed any of the proceedings in the city, however reports from Facebook updates and this morning’s papers indicate parts of the city were subjected to violent incidents.

In my neighbourhood this morning the evidence of yesterday’s events are seen only in the detritus and litter on the pavements, the unemptied street side refuse bins and a series of graffiti on the windows of many of the nearby banks and building socieities.

Graffiti on window of Caixa Penedes in Barcelona

'29th September, no unions'

Elsewhere in the city it seems others will be witnessing more of a trail of devastation. To quote one friend from the previously mentioned social networking site, “Via Laeitana looks like a hurricane has just ripped through it” and today’s El Periodico backs this up with reports of this thoroughfare looking like “a war zone littered with broken glass, stones and bottles and a column of smoke going up towards the sky”, not surprising then that many of my friends and acquaintances decided to have a comfortable night in to avoid encountering any trouble.

My still unfluent Spanish and gaps in knowledge about the political and economic situation here leave me feeling unqualified to comment on yesterday’s events. The finger is being pointed at anti-capiltalist demonstrators as the main source of the violence although there were clashes between picket lines and police around the city, reminiscent of the early 80s in the UK. My only personal comment can be that violence and destruction of a city will win few supporters and will leave the city today taking strong painkillers and picking up the pieces.


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