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Betty Ford’s burgers

Betty Ford’s. Burger and Fries. Blumming Fantastic.

I could stop there but I will expand on my bold statement. The summer months have kept me away from the ironically named ‘Betty Ford’s’ as this small, often crowded bar doesn’t have any outdoor space but it has been a regular haunt of mine since arriving in the city. After several months leave of absence and a recent, vegetarian heavy diet I couldn’t wait to tuck into one of their lip lickingly good burgers and fries. Betty Ford's BarcelonaWe met earlyish for Barcelona, 8.30pm, as this place gets very busy on weekend nights so good to get the food in before the crowds arrive and make it difficult to eat. Whether you’re eating or not Betty Ford’s is a great place to hang out. The space is cosy, one wall is exposed stone, the bar carries an extensive range of spirits, they serve well priced, good cocktails and the red wine is passable if a little ropey. One big plus point for me about this spot is that there is always a good soundtrack to your conversation and burger munching, soul, disco and funk sounds provide the background to your evening. Bar in Betty Ford's BarcelonaFor the size of the bar and the number of people it attracts the toilets could do with being a little larger. It’s a game of ‘toing and froing’ when there is a queue for people to get in and out of the two toilets which are literally the size of two upright coffins and tucked in a tiny corner near the bar. Some interesting decoration adorns the walls, such as this tropical surfer sceneSurfer wall mural at Betty Ford's Barcelonaand my favourite, this rather raunchy print which is possibly intended to fuel the lustful thoughts of the bar’s clientele as the evening progresses and the cubatas flow. Picture at Betty Ford's BarcelonaThe only food you’ll get here is a choice of six burgers which you can choose to have accompanied by fries or as part of a ‘menu’ with the burger and a drink or burger, fries, and a drink or smoothie.  All burgers are served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise and then there is a choice of: Classic, a regular burger with extra cheese and mustard; my favourite the Habanero with spicy peppers and goat’s cheese; the Galaxy with blue cheese and cranberry sauce; Ranchera with guacamole and bacon; the Texas which in typical Texan style has more than a couple of additions, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese and fried onion; and not forgetting the vegetarians, the Seitan which is a moist bean burger with cheese and guacamole. They are also very accomodating at swapping things round to suit your taste.


Habanera burger at Betty Ford's Barcelona

Habanera burger and fries


Served in a kitsch plastic basket and a soft, toasted sesame bun the burgers are juicy and nicely pink on the inside and the fries crisp, crunchy and lightly salted on the outside with soft, fluffy centres are divine, especially plunged into the yogurt and dill dip which comes alongside. Now I hate dill so that’s a big thumbs up from me.

You also can’t really beat the price either, the burger, chips and a drink which can include soft drink, beer or wine will only leave your wallet about 10€ lighter, depending on which burger you choose for your menu.

If you get the urge for a decent fast food fix then bear in mind that Betty Ford doesn’t allow intoxication until 7pm, I’ve been caught out by that more than once and have been gutted when I’ve had my heart set on some afternoon indulgence and found the doors firmly shut.

I’ll end where I began, just in case you didn’t quite get it.

Betty Ford’s. Burger and Fries. Blumming Fantastic.

Betty Ford’s, C/Joaquin Costa, 56, Raval – Smoking


5 comments on “Betty Ford’s burgers

  1. Sarah P
    October 18, 2010

    I second that emotion. Best burgers in Barca. Fact.

    • butterytoast
      October 18, 2010

      Thanks for the vote of support. I don’t know anyone who’s tried them and disagrees.

  2. Diana
    October 19, 2010

    Hmmmm I have got to go to Betty Ford’s SOON now. Thanks Claire, you’ve just destroyed my saving spree in one fell article! 🙂

    • butterytoast
      October 19, 2010

      Betty Ford’s is a bargain though, it’ll hardly make a dent.

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