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Pim Pam Burger

Contrary to how it may appear from this blog, I don’t generally make a habit of eating fast food on a regular basis. Yet being in the viscinity of Pim Pam Burger and having heard good things about them I thought I’d stop by for lunch.

Pim Pam Burger BarcelonaThe first noticeable thing about this place was the lack of pim pam, which implies ‘swift and speedy’. As I hit the lunchtime rush I queued patiently and then when my turn came waited some more to order. I watched as the server struggled alone to keep an eye on the grill, track the orders and payment and bizarrely, constantly refuse offers of help from staff in the sister shop Pim Pam Plats next door. I’m usually rather forgiving of a bit of a wait but this was bordering on the ridiculous.

As the rush eased I got chance to make my request and photo the cafe. Blackboards list the menu and the outlet’s ethos on using market produce and quality meat. The menu could be a little more descriptive. Considering the stress the server seemed to be putting himself under I didn’t want to challenge him further by asking for an explanation of the difference between a ‘Pim Pam burger’, ‘Special burger’ or ‘Pim Pam completa’ but a bit of extra wording would’ve made that clear. I took a guess and plumped for the 4.75€ ‘Special burger’ with a slice of cheese for an extra 0.50c. I’d have liked some fries but even my usually healthy appetite was a little put off by the huge size of the ‘small’ portions server was flinging into baskets. I stuck with just the burger.

As it came off the grill it was without the cheese melted on top as I’d seen on others. I reminded Snr Stressed about it and he threw it onto the salad as an afterthought and then threw on a bit more salad for good measure. What I ended up with was a juicy, enticing burger, sat on herby mayonnaise and fried onions and then overwhelmed by a mountain of tomatoes, lettuce and onion.

Special Burger at Pim Pam burger Barcelona

Special Burger

At this point I was in a rush and the whole lot slid around in my hands, this was not my most elegant dining moment. The burger patty was delicious, slightly pink and full of flavour and the salad crisp and fresh, even the raw onions were not pungent or left that off putting after taste and repetition for hours later. However, it was all just a bit too whopping, messy and the lack of a toilet meant I had an hour to get to work without being able to wash my hands.

The Betty Ford’s benchmark has set the standard high and I yearned for their more reasonable portion and for it to be balanced with some fries. Oh, and a bit of pim pam.

Pim Pam Burger, Sabataret 4, Born – No smoking


3 comments on “Pim Pam Burger

  1. Regina
    May 19, 2011

    Totally agree. Betty Fords is fab. I always get their veggie burger.

    • butterytoast
      May 19, 2011

      I’ve never had the veggie burger, is it soya, beans or mushroom?
      Sadly last time I went in Betty Ford’s a couple of weeks ago we had to leave as they had a jazz group on in there (although they’ve hardly got the space for live music) and it was so unbelieveably loud that we abandoned our burger plans. Hope it was a one off and not a regular occurence as it’s one of my favourite haunts.

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