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Micro-Nutrient Couture

A chance encounter with Vera Ciria not only provided me with a great friendship and an interesting and articulate eating-out companion but also someone who’s given me unwaiving support and advice with this blog. Vera writes her own blog Sticky Fingers BCN that unravels all the weird and wonderful things happening in Barcelona and also focusses heavily on her love of fashion. Here in a guest post for Moonraker Morsels she forges her love of fashion with my love of cooking:

It is not very often that fashion and food find a way to blend and merge. Fashion folk, more concerned about fitting into next season’s size 0s, seem to flee from calories like “something going out of style”. So what exactly happens when couture and cuisine settle into a happy marriage? That would be Micro-Nutrient Couture, of course.

Emily Crane, a very young fashion designer from London, is pushing the boundaries of design, engaging in a scientific process to grow, cultivate and form new hybrid materials for fashion. Relying on many of Ferran Adrià’s molecular cooking techniques, Emily has her thoughts firmly set on the future.

Using her kitchen and garage as her lab, this young scientist cum couturier is growing and freezing bubbles, creating bio-lace that can be shaped and moulded into garments and accessories, having the added benefit of being edible. Micro-Nutrient Couture is a unique and modern concept that slots in perfectly with the transient nature of fast-fashion, without the negative side-effects. After wearing one of Emily Crane’s creations, the garments can then be consumed. Taking into account the current state of the planet, these pieces are not only beautiful, but nutritious too.

Micro-nutrient garment from Emily Crane

RES emily_crane_cultivated_couture

Experimenting with different natural elements such as gelatins and carrageenan, agar-agar sea vegetable , water, natural flavour extracts, glycerine, food colouring and lusters. Each item reacts in a different manner, producing a variety of textures and colours.

RES british_designer_emily_crane

RES edible_couture by Emily Crane

RES cultivated_couture by Emily CraneA fresh alternative to the compulsive shopper obsessed with fast fashion, high-street consumption and throw-away items at ridiculously low prices, Micro-Nutrient Couture offers the wearer that elusive trophy of never arriving dressed just like someone else. Each garment is unique, no two pieces could ever be the same.

Is Micro-Nutrient Couture a solution for the future? Are the garments and accessories sticky? Do they smell? I love the idea, but can’t help wondering if I’d be really hungry all the time and be sneaking off to take bites out of my dress. Especially if there were some sort of chocolate flavour going on. Would you wear an edible dress?


3 comments on “Micro-Nutrient Couture

  1. Vera
    April 12, 2011

    Thanks for the lovely opportunity to write a guest post for your blog. Keep up the good work and we’ll all keep eating up your words.

  2. butterytoast
    April 13, 2011

    It’s a pleasure to have you write for me Vera.

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