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Sole Graells

Sole Graells first came to my attention on a pre-move visit to Barcelona in 2009. A gift of the ‘A Day in the Life of El Bulli’ book and the realisation that making anything out of it would be impossible without some of the ‘Texturas’ ingredients developed by the Adriàs. Thus I was led to the shop after some online research. However, the creations of Catalonia’s most famous modern sons is not my focus for Sole Graells here. Rather, this is my second suggestion for sourcing the scarce baking ingredients in Barcelona.Sole Graells, Barcelona

Sole Graells placard, BarcelonaEssentially for pastry chefs and the catering industry, although a godsend to the home baker as well, this is where the treasure trove of ingredients, colourings, essences, oils, spirits, moulds and industrial kitchen equipment can be unearthed.

Hidden behind its unassuming door are shelves of supplies for some of the best and influential restaurants in Barcelona and its environs such as El Bulli, 7 Portes, Celler Can Roca and Mugaritz as well as stocking products and ingredients developed by these restaurants’ chefs.

Texturas ingredients by Adria brothers

‘Texturas’ developed by Ferran and Albert Adrià

Seeds by Mugaritz

‘Seeds’, part of range of grains, special ingredients and aromatic mixtures developed by Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz

Also catching my eye were some interesting nectars and a broad selection of balsamic vinegars of every perceivable flavour combination, fig, apple, lychee, chocolate……Nestled amongst them was also a bottle of ‘garum’, that fermented anchovy sauce that the Romans used to cherish and was the ketchup of their day. Incidently, under the History of the City museum you will find Roman remains which include a garum factory.Range of nectars at Sole Graells Barcelona

Vinegars at Sole Graells, BarcelonaHowever, it’s for those working with pastry and us home bakers where Sole Graells really comes into its own. The shop’s website offers a comprehensive list of everything they stock so I won’t laboriously go through them here, but I would go so far as to say that if Sole Graells doesn’t stock it then give up your search.

Moulds, tins, knives, industrial equipment for large quantity baking are all available, along with mixers, blenders, scales and fryers, which I haven’t captured on camera here.

Silicon baking moulds at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Silicon baking moulds

Cake tins at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Cake tins and rings

Industrial equipment at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Industrial equipment

Equipment ready you need the ingredients to fill them. Flavourings, colourings (many of them natural), those elusive dark sugars we see everywhere at home, tinned and bottled fruits, super strength liqueurs for boozey desserts and tub upon tub of baking ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar and pectin amongst many, many others. As I mentioned with Parami these are sold in large quantities but again by weight work out much cheaper than in supermarkets. Why not buy with a fellow baking friend and save yourselves a few euros?

Colouring range at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Range of colourants

Syrups at Sole Graells, Barcelona


Tinned fruits, liquers and sugars at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Tinned fruits, liqueurs and sugars

Baking ingredients at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Baking ingredients

Any brave soul willing to try their hand at tempering and moulding their own chocolates will find a range of moulds here, from individual bonbons, for decorations such as chocolate leaves and seasonal, festive ones.

Chocolate moulds at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Chocolate moulds

Easter chocolate moulds at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Easter chocolate moulds

Sole Graells is also the place to learn new skills, either through their selection of books or in their teaching kitchen which offers courses to professionals and amateurs alike. Recent classes for the general public have included Easter chocolate moudling, French pastry , canapes and quiches and Japanese cooking. At 30 euros for 3 hours these are very reasonable.

Book selection at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Book selection

Macaroon books at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Interesting books on macarroons, included many savoury recipes such as ones filled with anchovy paste.

Teaching kitchen at Sole Graells, Barcelona

Teaching kitchen

My time at Sole Graells left me aching to spend some time in a professional ktichen with a renowned pastry chef. It also left me wishing to thank the staff there, especially Esther Arumí who kindly gave up her time to show me round, explain the products and turn up the lights for photos. Wonderful hospitality.

Sole Graells, C/Princep Jordi 2, Plaça d’Espanya


7 comments on “Sole Graells

  1. bex
    June 8, 2011

    Wow! Thanks so much for all this information. Your Parami post last week inspired me to get out and search ingredients from which I made Sangria cupcakes!
    I must have been to every chinese bazaar in Eixample to look for cupcake tins and finally found some 6 cake silicon moulds. Now here I can see where to get the real deal
    Very excited!
    Also did you know there is a new restaurant opened on Parallel called Tickets, by Ferran Adria !

    • butterytoast
      June 8, 2011

      Glad you got everything you were looking for. There’s also a shop called La Bolsera which amongst other things sells paper cases for cup cakes and other items for catering.
      Thise cupckaes look great and I am very envious of your photography!
      Happy baking!

      • butterytoast
        June 9, 2011

        As for Tickets, I pass there every day on my way to work and was a bit star struck when ferran Adria crossed the road in front of me. Have kicked myself for not speaking to him. A booking there is one of the aims before the year’s out.

  2. bex
    June 9, 2011

    I know what you mean, I used to se Nuno Mendes on Broadway market and much the same, always think I should tell him what an amazing chef he is.
    I can’t see any bookings available at tickets for the next few months 😦 good luck with that! You must have been to Federal for Coffee and brunch if you work in that area? I went there today in La Ravel. A taste of home.

    • butterytoast
      June 10, 2011

      To get reservation for Tickets go on the website just before midnight and keep refreshing the page. After midnight places for 90 days ahead come up and you can book. A few friends have done this successfully.

  3. bex
    June 9, 2011

    one more question, do you know if those courses they do are all in Catalan or Spanish?? Are any in English, I might be pushing my luck for that?

    • butterytoast
      June 10, 2011

      I think they are only in Spanish and Catalan, the information leaflet was in Catalan I think (sorry, don’t have it in front of me). Why not give them a call? I’m sure someone will speak English as their website can be put into English as well.
      Otherwise let me know and I’ll make some enquiries for you.

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