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Rosa del Raval

It was against my better judgement to grab something to eat at Rosa de Raval. Previous visits had been a little disappointing, lacking punch and seasoning but with fussy eater in town once again I followed the first positive food proclamation I’d heard all week “I love Mexican food”. Being late in the day this was the nearest Mexican I could think of and we darted through the door before there was something about this South American cuisine she could decide she didn’t like.Rosa del Raval entrance, BarcelonaRosa del Raval and her sister branch on Via Laietana, Rosa Negra, hit you with a cacophany of bright colours, elaborate wall decorations and loud floral tablecloths.

Wall decorations at Rosa del Raval, Barcelona

Tablecloth at Rosa del Raval, BarcelonaOn this particular night there was also a convivial buzz from the diners sipping on their low priced mojitos and stuffing the restaurant.

Rosa del Raval, BarcelonaThe tropical beach scene emblazoned on one wall gave me fond memories of a good friend in the UK’s former living room and the many laughter and mayhem filled nights spent hanging out there. Tropical beach wall frieze at Rosa del Raval, BarcelonaBut enough of the decor, we were here to eat and shockingly not a single complaint was uttered by fussy eater. A bowl of nachos to stave of our, or at least my, now ravenous hunger were passable but the gooey, plastic sauce masquerading as cheese has left me completely perplexed. Not for the first time in the last couple of weeks have I shared nachos at different bars and this pseudo-substance has graced the corn tortillas. Now I’ve never been to Mexico but I suspect this is not authentic and if it is then shame on them. Some real ‘has seen a cow somewhere in the process’ cheese would have been much more palatable.

Nachos at Rosa del Raval, Barcelona

Nachos with ‘cheese’ sauce

Fussy eater chose the vegetable burrito, but as with everything we’ve ordered this week there had to be some adjustment, this time sin sour cream.

Vegetarian burrito at Rosa del Raval, Barcelona

Vegetarian burrito

The prospect of steak seduced me, the typically Mexican arrachera flank steak which came with a small pile of rice, refried beans, flavoursome guacamole and salad with an unexpected, sweet mango dressing which contrasted with the other richer, oilier ingredients perfectly.

Flank steak at Rosa del Raval, Barcelona

Flank steak and sides

The steak was a pleasant surprise and I chomped through the plate enthusiastically but Rosa del Raval is just a little too hit and miss for me to love it. However, it is very reasonably priced, including cocktail offers for 3.50€ and offers various options for vegetarians including the super penickety variety I share genes with.

Rosa del Raval C/dels Angels, 6, Raval and Rosa Negra, Via Laietana, 46, Born

(Entrance photo courtesy of Gabi López on


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  1. juanmanandhisdug
    July 2, 2011

    Good read sweetcheeks

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