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La Piadina – ‘La Porchetta’

My diet seems to have recently consisted of a disporportionate amount of sandwiches, grilled chicken kebabs, pizza and other fast food options necessary to sustain oneself when packing boxes and dealing with the headache of moving apartments. My arrival in the Gracia barrio also meant I am mere steps away from possibly the best fast food option with change from 5€ I’ve yet found in this city.

La Piadina, named after the Italian flatbread sandwiches which have sprung up in various outlets around the city in recent years, is a small take away with a few bar stools, a hot plate, two cheerful cooks/servers and an extensive menu combination that shouldn’t fail to please every taste. Menu at La Piadina, Placa del Sol, BarcelonaHowever, there is one worthy of a special mention, the roast suckling pig, fontina cheese and mushrooms known by its Italian name ‘La Porchetta’. As the pre-roasted porchetta is heated on the hot plate the waft of rosemary and hint of stuffing so reminiscent of Sunday lunch makes it tempting to lean over and whisk away a piece into your mouth.Porchetta cooking on the hot plate at La Piadina, Placa del Sol, BarcelonaThe other ingredients are added, and these guys will happily swap the contents to suit your own taste, the flat bread is folded, slipped into a conical paper bag and you will burn your tongue with eagerness to get at that hot roast pork. Owners at La Piadina, Placa del Sol, BarcelonaService with a smile, fresh ingredients and home made flat breads, this is one of the rays of sunshine in the Plaça del Sol.

La Piadina, Plaça del Sol 21, Gracia


2 comments on “La Piadina – ‘La Porchetta’

  1. Morango Tango
    June 29, 2012

    Hello, I just would like to notify that this has changed its name to La Piadina Del Sol, I know it because I leave just around the corner from it

  2. butterytoast
    July 12, 2012

    Hi Morango Tango, thanks for the information and sorry for not responding sooner but my laptop is not behaving at the moment! I’ll check out the new name and update the post. Many thanks and enjoy that porchetta.

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