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I have wanted to eat at Disbarat from the first moment I clapped eyes on this photograph in Barcelona’s Time Out restaurant guide. Rabbit and chips at Disbarat, Barcelona Tim Out magazineAlthough I advocate eating meat infrequently and enjoying a vegetarian heavy diet for the majority of the week, nothing sets my culinary pulse racing more than chargrilled flesh. This was a dish I had to sample.

Although this was not the first time I’d eaten at Disbarat, this occasion was a post-Christmas party recovery meal and apart from some pa amb tomaquet, meat and chips was the only thing on our minds.

Sometimes it feels difficult to get to eat at Disbarat, both myself and my companion have both previously rocked up to be disappointed to find the shutter firmly down so it pays to call ahead and check they’re open. I have the impression this is old-school Gracia and if the custom isn’t there they may just decide not to open for the next sitting. Disbarat restaurant Barcelona food blog Claire GledhillIf eating during the day make sure to make time for a visit to English second-hand bookshop Hibernian Books facing. Take in those titles you’ve read and they’ll give you some credit on new ones you purchase. Disbarat would be the perfect place to digest a new-to-you crumpled paperback alone in the type of rustic setting I love. It would be equally appropriate for a romantic evening or noisy get together with friends.Inside Disbarat restaurant Barcelona food blog Claire GledhillThe only thing we preceeded our dishes with was a plate of pa amb tomaquet, done here in my preferred method of toasting the bread first before rubbing in the overripe tomato. The untoasted bread versions just don’t hit the spot for me. I liked that it was left to us to add our desired amount of olive oil.

Tomato bread at  Disbarat restaurant Barcelona food blog Claire GledhillWe chatted away the wait for the grilled meat. Sunday dining two weeks before Christmas meant we were almost the only ones in so the grill was probably not as hot as on a packed out evening. However, there were plenty stories from the previous night for the wait to barely register for the half rabbit and matambre Argentianian flank steak. Both meats benefit from slow cooking so this was not to be rushed no matter how hungry we were. Devour the vision of that marbled fat through that steak.Rabbit and matambre flank steak grilling at  Disbarat restaurant Barcelona food blog Claire GledhillI love sharing a meal with people who like to split the dishes so my ordering envy is dissipated, although it seems on this occasion it was my choice creating the jealousy. The matambre steak needed barely any force to cut through it’s buttery soft flesh and was set off by the sea salt seasoning and brushing of oil and rosemary after grilling.Matambre flank steak at  Disbarat restaurant Barcelona food blog Claire GledhillThe rabbit skin was beautiful and crisp and the meat flavoursome if slightly chewy, again lifted with the seasoning and herby oil. Both dishes would benefit in my opinion from a few pieces of the chargrilled vegetables in that initial Time Out photo. The chips could’ve also done with a minute or two more dunked in the hot oil but it seemed wrong but oh-so-right to swish them through the herb oil and meat juices on the plate before popping them in my mouth.

Rabbit and matambre flank steak at  Disbarat restaurant Barcelona food blog Claire GledhillThe Disbarat menu is a lesson in Catalan cuisine and the grilled meat options here are exciting, I look forward to trying the pork cheeks and pigs feet on future visits. I have also previously eaten a delicious escalivada of grilled aubergine, onion and peppers and an unctuous dish of white beans and botifarra sausage here. It is also fantastic value, the rabbit dish is only 9.90€, the steak around 11€ and the best house wine I’ve drunk in Barcelona is only 6.20€ for a 70cl carafe. There is little to dislike at Disbarat.

Disbarat, C/Montseny 14, Gracia


2 comments on “Disbarat

  1. The Spain Scoop - Scoopette
    December 16, 2011

    Hmmm, I know where that bookshop is so will have to stop in! thanks!

  2. butterytoast
    December 16, 2011

    You’re welcome. I’m always surprised how few of my English speaking friends know of Hibernian Books. It’s a godsend for those of us who miss our charity shop book purchasing.

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