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Last summer someone special arrived in Barcelona en route from his Greek family heartland. From his stuffed suitcase I was showered with a number of native gifts, one of which was mastika. Hailing from the Greek island of Chios, mastika is a chewable resin from the mastic tree and, as it was the least appealing amongst the saffron and other gastronomic goodies that I had been lavished with, it sat in the cupboard for several weeks before I ventured to try it. When I finally gave it a shot all I can say is that it was spat into the bin in under a minute. It was pretty vile.

So, when I was planning to postpone the current healthy eating for a sugary Saturday breakfast at  Lukumas I was intrigued to see that their most recent blog entry was exhulting their new mastika icing topping. Now I really had to go back and sample more of their creations. Lukumas shop front, Gracia, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillLukumas is the Greek word for doughnuts which give the café its name. The doughnuts are seemingly hand made every day and this was one of the first places I’ve been to in Barcelona that made the point of serving Fairtrade coffee. In a city of heavy coffee drinkers this should certainly be something we see more of here. Lukumas, Gracia, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillThere was quite a selection of candy coloured, icing topped varieties to choose from including ring doughnuts which are the classic luoukoumades, filled strogylo of chocolate hazelnut or various creams, lukumaki which take the sweet filled ones to another level with an iced topping and for those who can stand the sugar hit ekler which have double fillings. Lukumas doughnuts, Gracia, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillMy personal favourites are usually the small lukumaki which contain a couple of bites in each and are a real help for indecisive choosers like me, they are also a snip at 50 cents each. Try to resist passing Lukumas and not popping in for just one of those. Inside Lukumas, Gracia, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillThe café is a lovely minimal, bright, airy space and has the now common feature in newer Barcelona cafés of a large communal table. I love if you get this to yourself and can sprawl the newspaper out whilst crumbs drop on it as you read and eat. Inside Lukumas, Gracia, Barcelona Food Blog, Claire GledhillTrying to put aside my bad mastika memories I went for that most sublime of sweet combinations, chocolate and hazelnut filling, with the mastika icing. And in the interests of blogging research and sticking an all out temporary middle finger to the diet, I also had a mini coconut glazed one on the side.

Doughnuts at Lukumas, Gracia, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

Chcolate and hazlenut filled doughnut with mastika icing and coconut glazed mini doughnut

What Lukumas does well where so many doughnuts fail is their light texture and non-greasyness. The mastika was also nothing to fear and added an almost pine flavoured note to the icing. It was pleasant and would be interesting in other dishes or cakes but for me was an unnecessary addition to this already delicious ball of fried dough. The small coconut glazed one was magnificent and made me wish that again I’d gone for a selection of the miniture un-iced varieties.

I’ve discovered few wonderful corners of Greece in Barcelona but this is certainly one of them.

Lukumas, Torrent de l’Olla 169, Gracia


6 comments on “Lukumas

  1. I’ve never seen this place! Looks like the doughnut craze has made it to Barcelona.

    • butterytoast
      March 19, 2012

      As far as I am aware Lukumas is not an entirely new kid on the block, I have a guide book from 2008 they are listed in. They are doing great stuff but apart from those disgusting donuts that come in the plastic packets I don’t see mountains of doughnuts around. Not quite the cupcake craze (thank god!)

  2. Su-Lin
    March 20, 2012

    Oooh, heading to Barcelona at Easter and I hope this place is open when I pass it!

    • butterytoast
      March 20, 2012

      Have a great visit. Just to be sure you don’t miss it, here’s their timetable from their website
      Monday – Friday 09:30 – 13:30 y 17:00 – 21:00
      Saturday 09:30 – 13:30

  3. letizia
    March 21, 2012

    hey! nice photos! I’m going to Lukumas this weekend,I have a blog too! seems really good!

    • butterytoast
      March 21, 2012

      Enjoy Lukumas Letizia and pleased you like the blog.

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