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La Vespa burger

The Vespa will always be synonymous to me with an early teenage crush on a neighbour who used to almost live in his garage tinkering with his beloved bike and listening to the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. I think it’ll be a long time before I finally shake off the noise of them screeching past my window on the busy Barcelona intersection I live on as well. I would, however, never have linked Vespas and burgers. That connection has been made by two Italians whose porchetta I’m very fond of. Outside Vespa burger bar, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

I found out they’d opened this burger bar when they pointed me there after I arrived at La Piadina one evening to find them unexpectedly closing. Despite being times of economic misery, they are being forced to close 2 hours early at 11pm rather than 1am due to the general noise complaints at their Placa del Sol location. This is despite the terraces on the same square being allowed to serve until midnight. The reasoning of the putamiento defies logic sometimes. Sign their petition to stay open until midnight if you happen to be passing.

So, Vespa burger is another addition to the Barcelona burger bonanza and more of a budget beating than belly busting one.

Vespa burger, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillA homage to that much loved Italian machine, the decor, a little hotch potch in places, is strewn with Vespa collectables.Vespa burger, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

Vespa burger, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

Inside Vespa burger, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillI particularly like the Vespa helmet light shades. Vespa burger menu, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill200g seems to be the going rate for burger size these days and although a little unorthodox I adore when there’s blue cheese and caramelized onion option. Everyone has raised their game in the burger ‘steaks’ so I didn’t expect anything less than succulent chargrilled burger, soft bun and that gorgonzola was fuerte. Yeah! Milano burger at Vespa burger, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillDisappointingly there’s no slim cut fries option but each burger does come with a small side of sliced fried potatoes and this is for me where Vespa burger is a winner. I love the ‘double hand hold’ huge burger that’s the staple of gourmet burger bars but I also want some potatoes, and often the two together are just overwhelming. Here I get a bit of both and at 5.60€ for the standard burger with some side potatoes. If I eat 9 (over time of course, not all in one sitting) the 10th will be free thanks to their loyalty card. Now that’s doing more for crisis economics than the city council. Full burger menu at Vespa burger, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill Vespa burger, C/Torrent de l’Olla 134, Gracia


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