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If, like me, you feel full to bursting from all the Christmas cheer and heavy grub, and there’s also a few pennies left to afford a meal out, then there’s probably no better antidote to the usual Christmas fodder than the Asian dumplings and dim sum of Mosquito.Mosquito, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillIt’s been several weeks since I last ate at Mosquito and I’m not going to blag that I can remember the exact details of what we ate there. All I can say is it was good, very good, oh, and we ordered far more than we needed, but still polished off the lot.

Mosquito is known for its high quality beers both on the barrel and in bottles and although the thought of sinking this strong Belgian beer turns my stomach slightly after the excesses of the last few days, it was a mighty fine brew at the time. Trappiste Rochforte Belgian beer, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillIt’s very easy to get carried away, as we did, with the wide selection of dumplings and hot and cold dishes. Better to order a few at a time and add to it than suddenly find a table overflowing with mini plates. I wish I was good at following my own advice sometimes. Menu at Mosquito, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

Whilst I can’t remember ‘what was what’ of everything we ordered the stand out dishes were all the dumplings which were light and zingy and all hand made by the team of very efficient women out back. The fried duck was magnificent but I would leave that until rich food starts to appeal again and the Sichuan pepper beef and pancakes were also memorable. Vegetable dumplings, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

Fried duck at Mosquito, Barcelona food blog, Claire Gledhill

Mosquito, Barcelona food blog, Claire GledhillDespite our gluttony we still came away with change from 20€ for our dinner, being reluctant to pig out post Christmas, the bill would probably come in at even less. Mosquito is a must visit.

Mosquito, C/Carders 46, Born


One comment on “Mosquito

  1. vito
    April 12, 2014

    I very like this place and its perfect for people that love oriental food ..,the fried duck is out of this world .

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