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The next chapter

Saying goodbye to a blog is like saying farewell to a friend. We’ve been friends for nearly 5 years but this blog is a friend I’ve neglected recently but have … Continue reading

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Afternoon tea party by Albion

Promoting myself is not a talent that comes naturally to me but it seems a good time to push my boundaries a little and ‘out myself’ with a little feature about … Continue reading

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Au Port de la Lune

Here in Barcelona we may only be a relative stone’s throw away from the French border yet, unlike in bygone years, the city is not exactly awash with the cuisine of our Gallic neighbors. However twenty … Continue reading

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Mercat del Pagès at Colonia Güell

The Sunday closing of shops and markets, although welcome as a day of rest, can mean that after a week at work, Saturday becomes a toss up between taking a … Continue reading

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Project Codols 16

The streets of the Gotíc barrio are very deceptive. As I’d arrived a little early for dinner at Project Codols 16 I contemplated how dark and cramped some of the apartments in this … Continue reading

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With the exception of the touristy areas around the beach or Las Ramblas, there are very few streets in Barcelona where the restaurants tout for your business. Strangely the not-so-touristy … Continue reading

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Paprika Gourmet and Troika Delicatessen

Are you hankering after your cured meats with a touch more smokiness? Or maybe you’re looking for a sharp and sour accompaniment to a ripe cheese? If so, then the … Continue reading

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